Flexibility In The Supply Chain 

With 2019 DSCSA compliance mandates, wholesalers in the United States are uniquely positioned in the middle of the supply chain and poised to make business gains with the greater transparency of inventory and product movement. Criteria include accepting a variety of serialized and non-serialized (grandfathered) products, verifying unique product identifiers of suspect products at package level, and verifying the unique product identifier of returned products intended for resale. QU4RTET is a compliance management system that allows your company more customization and flexibility when it comes to serialization solutions.

Additionally, manufacturers currently have a choice whether to employ aggregation in their serialization implementations, adding further complexity to the wholesalers’ data handling. 

Emerging at the same time are EU-FMD and other global regulations. These regulations have differing requirements based around the origins of the product, with unique considerations for original manufacturers, primary and secondary wholesalersdispensers and products sold “out of market”. 

Ensure your company’s serialization software is globally compliant, flexible and customizable by choosing QU4RTET, the premiere compliance management system and open-source serialization solution. 

  • Easily exchange serialization data with other systems 
  • Simple integration of multiple customer requirements 
  • Fully capability to handle aggregated and non-aggregated product data  
  • Full VRS (Verification Router Service) connectivity with all major vendors 
  • A solution that addresses your need for flexibility