Virtual Manufacturers Are Used to Having Options 

Virtual manufacturing means freedom of choice. Your options of where you manufacture your products, where you warehouse and ship, and who to engage with for logistics support are completely under your control. You have multiple options with your staff, accounting, location and a hundred other things. With choices in every other area, why lock yourself into a proprietary serialization compliance platform that deprives you of your freedom to migrate and your discretion to change over time? Up until now, almost all industries, except for serialization compliance, have had a robust open-source solution. Now, QU4RTET meets this need for an open-source serialization compliance platform that enables and frees its users from the inflexible constraints of the current market.   

As a virtual manufacturer, an open-source QU4RTET-based serialization compliance platform gives you the following options and benefits: 

  • Flexible Commercial or Internal support options 
  • NO transaction feesNO license fees 
  • A total TCO that is typically 80% less than most commercial offerings 
  • Hosting Options: 
    • Virtually any external cloud services provider 
    • Internal corporate clouds 
    • Virtual Appliances 
    • Dedicated instances