Comprehensive Global Serialization Compliance  

QU4RTET is the onlyOpen Source Level 4 pharmaceutical serialization software that allows pharmaceutical companies, big and small, to efficiently and effectively track and trace products through the supply chain. With over 40 countries having introduced drug integrity legislation, it is imperative to have an open and extensible pharmaceutical serialization software platform that can support a fluid regulatory landscape over time. QU4RTET is DSCSA and EU-FMD compliant out of the box, with full GS1 EPCIS 1.2 support and the flexibility to handle future compliance mandates. 

With features such as superior randomized number generation, multiple wire-protocol support, parallel processing capabilities and full access to 100% of the source code, QU4RTET is more than capable to grow along with your business over the long-term. 

Typical Level 4 pharmaceutical serialization software database platforms come with confusing contracts; more strings attached than you can count. We think business can be done better.  With full access to the source code, QU4RTET has a multitude of support options from multiple vendors.  Not proprietaryNo licenses fees; no transaction fees. Forever. Dramatically lower your Total Cost of Ownership for serialization compliance software. 

Using unique product serial numbers for traceability is not only required, it streamlines your manufacturing workflow and overall efficiency in processing recall notifications, product verifications and disposition data. Let QU4RTET help your pharmaceutical plant or company conquer serialization compliance.  

  • Global serialization compliance capabilityNOW 
  • Simple integration with all your trading partners, CMOs and customers
  • Available integration with your internal systems 
  • Straightforward validation and published code test plans 
  • A variety of internal and external support options