Proprietary Level 4 serialization database platforms come with contracts, no access to the source code, on-going transaction fees and costly upgrade and maintenance fees. QU4RTET has identified a demand in the market for an alternative approach that dramatically…

and lowers Total Cost of Ownership by up to 80%

The only open source solution for Level 4 serialization needs.


Not Proprietary


No License Fees


No Transaction Fees


QU4RTET can help you effectively and efficiently track and trace products throughout your supply chain with positive results to your bottom line. We have proven, successful, and validated implementations at organizations such as:

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Contract Manufacturers/Contract Packagers, Virtual Manufacturers, and 3rd Party Logistics Companies.

We work with leading companies like Vantage Solutions, RedHat, Jennason and Murtagh Consulting. These companies help your business with things like:

Level 4 System Audit and Assessment

Start your engagement by understanding current system topology and business needs before integrating QU4RTET into your overall serialization solution.

Migration Planning for System Replacements

Switching to QU4RTET is easier than you think. Our partners have systems and processes in place to ensure a smooth risk-free transition while your business stays up and running.

Trading Partner Integration Requirements

QU4RTET doesn’t just have to work for you, it has to integrate with your trading partner’s systems as well. Our partners have integrated QU4RTET with all of the major serialization systems on the market.

Installation Options
(Physical and Cloud Hosting)

Implement QU4RTET in the cloud, in your data center, or even on your laptop. In addition, our partners can provide preconfigured QU4RTET instances on the Amazon Cloud.

System Validation

Many of our partners have already built out a full suite of validation documentation that can be leveraged to get your system into compliance quickly and efficiently.

Maintenance and Support

Now that your new system is up and running, our partners maintenance and support services are among the best in the industry. They’ve got your back, and the capability to keep up with industry innovations in the future.