Ahead Of The Regulatory Curve 

While contract manufacturers and packagers may not have legal responsibilities under current DSCSA regulations, the overarching change in the industry will undoubtedly affect CMOs and CPOs moving forward. Additionally, companies looking to vet potential partners will likely seek to engage with companies that are aware and compliant with global regulations and utilize open-source serialization platforms. 

Stay ahead of the curve and significantly reduce your TCO with QU4RTET. The only open-source serialization platform that can be completely customized to meet the needs of your customers today, and flexible enough to quickly adapt to the changes of tomorrow. 

  • Highly Cost Effective 
  • Hardware platform & location independent 
  • Easily exchange serialization data with other systems 
  • Simple integration of multiple customer requirements 
  • Fully capability to implement aggregation now or in the future 
  • A solution with proven success in the industry