Reliance and Flexibility 

Like CMOs, third-party logistics providers (3PLs), aren’t governed by DCSCA or EU-FMD regulations. They are however an integral part of the supply chain and help pharmaceutical companies and other industries maintain compliance. Due to the interconnectedness of the industry, it is imperative that 3PLs utilize the best serialization software solutions to ensure clear and traceable data exchange through the supply chain. 

QU4RTET’s serialization software solution is the first choice for many 3PLs looking to not only lower TCO costs, but to tailor traceable serialization solutions based on client’s and partner’s needs. Our solution can be implemented in many ways that all are able to integrate with downstream companies that need to be able to document product movement like product code, serial numbers, and lot-level information. 

As a serialization software solution, QU4RTET maintains global compliance, and thus, is able to be implemented in both the United States and in Europe, helping 3PLs around the world, to lower their costs. 

  • Highly Cost Effective 
  • Platform & location independent 
  • Exchange serialization data with other systems, including national hubs and systems 
  • Simple integration of multiple customer requirements 
  • Fully capability to handle aggregated or non-aggregated product data 
  • Flexible support options that meet your needs and budget