Compliance and Value 

With a prominent role under DSCSA regulations, repackagers are taking on a lot of responsibility in the pharmaceutical industry; and because of the unique position in the supply chain, repackages need to understand and implement the requirements for both manufacturers and wholesale distributors in order to stay relevant in the marketplace. As a DSCSA compliance software, QU4RTET helps repackagers meet requirements with serial number generator services.

Repackages have arguably been under the most oversight, with regulations taking effect in 2017, and the expansion to generation of new serial numbers for repackaged products in 2018. 

QU4RTET is a DSCSA compliance software service that can help meet the requirements of generating unique product identifiers and serial numbers for repackaged productsstoring and creating lot level transactions, and maintaining a clear and traceable record for compliance, including verification requests. 

  • Cost effective and easily supported 
  • Simple integration with multiple customer/supplier systems 
  • Fully capability to handle aggregated and non-aggregated product data  
  • Full VRS (Verification Router Service) connectivity with all major vendors 
  • compliance solution that also addresses your business needs