Emerging Market Value and Traceability 

As an emerging market powerhouse, the hemp and cannabis industries have been fraught with hazy federal, state and local regulations, not to mention the global factors involved. It is important that growers, producers and retailers do all they can to anticipate and implement best practices from the outset with cannabis compliance software and hemp inventory management systems. Fortunately, the pharmaceutical regulations provide a great place to start.  

Much like the pharma industry, hemp and cannabis have a large variety of product that needs to be traceable throughout the growing, manufacturing and retail stages. QU4RTET provides inventory management, serialization and compliance software for the cannabis and hemp industries that is completely customizable to your product, as well as fully compliant with current global pharmaceutical regulations. 

Because QU4RTET is open-source, it will continue to stay current with any evolving global serialization standards, while adhering to established transactional data specifications such as GS1 EPCIS 1.2 .  

  • Cost effective and easily supported 
  • Fully FDA & EUFMD compliant 
  • Easily adaptable to evolving industry regulations 
  • A variety of hosting and implementation options 
  • A compliance solution that can be tailored to your business needs